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Лесные терема

Поскольку этот блог стали читать люди, не знакомые со мной очно, опережаю сам себя и пользуюсь моментом. Тем более, что знакомым я обещал разродиться "горячими точками". Про Шотову чуть позже, а по теремам: Для знакомых - 8-10 мая все состоится всенепременно.  в группе "Осташево" следите за новостями, там уже есть предложение свободных мест в авто. Для Остальных: речь идет вот о чем :
здесь  читайте, включая комменты и два следующих поста в его же Журнале, это Андрей, основной инициатор проекта;
живут и обсуждают новости все участники проекта, стучитесь, и вам откроют, 
наши друзья и коллеги, неравнодушные не только к творениям из дерева, но и ко всему остальному, ну и две ссылки на вездесущих геокешеров, благодаря которым и-нет узнал о существовании этих чудес (мир узнал чуть раньше из книжек Департамента культурного наследия Костромы, самым активным образом принимающего участие в нашей авантюре). 
Вот - это форум, и
вот - это собственно тайник. Про второй, Погореловский терем пока умышленно промолчу. Просто подготовиться надо. А в Осташево все завертелось. Кстати, напуганные клещами господа! Осташевский терем будет обработан препаратами против клещей. Как только это состоится, сообщу в "Осташево". Василий

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Есть. После некоторого дружественного футбола (зачеркнуто) обмена мнениями с издательством, книжка "Были и небылицы" (Серия "Мои Кольца. Мозаики") опубликована в Ридеро, Там она уже есть и ее можно купить, а в Литресах-Озонах-Амазонах и прочих апсторах появится через недельку.…

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that's a really cool house, whats the story behind it?

it is an interesting story. Its located in the middle of nowhere basically, 2km from closest inhabited spot, 8km from closest village, 35km from tarmac road. It was built in 1890s when this place was a big village called Ostashevo. The original landlord was local peasant who became quite successful businessman with his onw construction business in then-capital, St Petersburg. Supposedly he built the house for his second wife who was originally from Ostashevo. What is quite amazing is that he used a project of one of the most famous and fashionable architects of the time, Ropet, the guy who defined what is now called pseudo-Russian style (same style as the building of Historical museum in Moscow). Ropet did most of his work in wood so there is very little that survived the tumultous 20th century, actually this house is the one of the only two surviving works by Ropet in wood. And the setting of a work of a fashionable architect as a household of successful peasant is extremely unusual for Russia as well.
After the revolution the house was confiscated, became the village hall, school and post office all in one, then after the rapid urbanization that Russia underwent under communists the village slowly died out and now it stands all by itself in the middle of nowhere.

That's rather incredible! I use to live in the oldest neighborhood in my state (North Carolina), and at the end of the block as a huge pink house. Built in the 1800's, it's served as the Governor’s manor, a whore house and a church! The last owner just finished returning it to it's original state, except the slave quarters are now the kitchen, and then died. His wife is trying to sell it for $1,000, 000,000.

are you from Raleigh? (btw I do not reckon Raleigh is the oldest city in North Carolina, i think Bethabara in Winston Salem for one is older...).

yup, I'm from Raleigh. It's the oldest *neighborhood* because it didn't take too much damage when the north burned everything to the ground after the Civil War. There are plenty of older cities and towns in NC like Bath.

oh well, I see you are not surprised how well they teach us in KGB school here... damn... thought i'd impress you.

your KGB school teaches you better than our CIA-doggy school teaches us!

Actually I spent 2 years in the tar heel state. In the old days when there were not that many Russians in those parts (I bet there must be fairly big community in Charlotte now). It really felt like being abroad :-)

Small world! I don't know what charlotte's russian community is like know, but I've got a friend I can ask who lives over there. When were you here?

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я не парюсь насчет авторства фотографий.

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